My foray into the world of fiction, Part 2

blog Apr 19, 2011


(Read Part 1 here)

Andrew waited the obligatory 48 hours to call her back. Even though he scrolled down to her name ten times in two days, he felt pathetic. In their short time together, he found out that Karen worked at a PR firm; the conversation was interesting with a sexy undertone.

Up until this point, Andrew had half a dozen girlfriends and a couple of casual female friends. He was ready to stop dating for the sake of dating, he was ready to find a wife. His last two relationships were going nowhere so he called them off.

Lesson: Andrew spent the last few years defining and picturing what he wanted in life.

After a hard day at work dealing with a client who didn’t understand anything about anything, his mind started to wander. He asked himself, what would my day be like if I had someone like Karen to go home to? Would that make everything better? He tried to shake the feeling off but for some reason he couldn’t.

Lesson: Andrew let his emotions take a hold of him. He knew that he wanted something like what he imagined with Karen.

Lesson: Even though he did not know anything about Karen, she was a placeholder for what he wanted in life.


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