New Year's Check-in

clarity Jan 24, 2020

This is the last week of the month. It’s the fourth week of the decade. When we start the year, we are excited to accomplish our goals. Whether that is professional, personal, relationships, hobbies, fitness, or any other type of goals, we are excited. The first part of our goals is fueled by excitement. However, as we start working on our goals, that excitement ebbs and flows. We have to battle the War of Attrition.

The War of Attrition

As human beings, we always like something new. Our goals seem like shiny new toys.  However, most goals require constant and repetitive action. Some of these actions may get boring, frustrating, or just tedious. The first couple of times that you eat that salad you might feel emboldened, but, after the tenth, the twentieth, or even the hundredth time, you may resent eating healthy. Treating your goals as your job is very important.  You have to take your goals and your dreams very seriously.

Considering the Alternative

When you start working on your goals, it can seem very attractive. You think about and are motivated by the finish line. However, as you start working on your goals, and the day-to-day reality sets in, the alternatives seem that much more attractive. For example, hanging out with your friends instead of going to the gym sounds attractive. You think eating those fries is more attractive than eating the salad. Watching television is much more attractive than taking a walk. As your goals become more tedious, the alternatives become more attractive.

Keeping Motivation High

It’s up to you to keep yourself motivated because motivation comes and goes.  Motivation is not something that you have or don’t have. It’s something that you create and something of which you constantly remind yourself. Keep asking yourself why achieving your goals is so important to you.

Results May Come Slowly

In our instant gratification society, we want instant results and marketing says that we can have results quickly. A big part of achieving success is having the faith that our actions will pay off even though we don’t the results now. For example, eating healthy may not show any results for a couple of weeks. The true results might come in a year.  The ultimate results might come in a couple of decades when your friends cannot not physically do that which you can do with ease.

You Have a Choice

This is a critical time of the year. This is the time when you choose whether to stick with your goals or not. This is the time when you have to battle The War of Attrition. This is the time when the alternatives become sexier. This is the time when you have to motivate yourself. It’s your choice.



It is important to pace yourself and keep motivation at a high level when working to get amazing success. Especially when you are faced with tempting offers to hang out with friends or do something social over something productive, it is important to remember what your goals are and keep them in sight.


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