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New Year’s Goals

It seems like my new year began in September. That’s when I really started to commit to my goals. For some reason people like to start their new year fresh. One of my new partners loves this time of year because he owns a gym and people always seem to sign up for the gym in January. There are so many topics that I could write about, but today I want to focus on consistency.

Consistency is the number one problem people have in achieving their goals. The majority of people start off excited about losing weight, but two or three weeks down the line, they have a staring contest with a piece of warm, mouthwatering, chocolate cake and the chocolate cake wins. Or, they want to save money but they get an email from Amazon and it’s so hard to resist one click ordering. By the way, one click ordering is very dangerous. It’s even easy for me. And let me tell you, very little is that easy for me!

My goal this year is to get out there speaking. I love the road and I love coming home. In the past, I was never consistent with a calling strategy, but this year I intend to be consistent. I am making sure my manager has at least 10 hours a week dedicated to being on the phone. It’s easy for me to get distracted and it’s even easier for me to justify those distractions. I can literally think of hundreds of tasks that I can have my manger do instead of sales. There have been times where I have to put off writing or creative time in order to make sure that my sales are taking place.

In the past, sales and marketing always got left on the back burner and every so often I would pout about why I’m not getting where I want to go.

Commitment is ensuring that what needs to get done is getting done even if this means having to say no to people once in a while.

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