Opting in to Your Process

blog Feb 26, 2018

Knowing what we react to is the first step in strengthening our resolve- Figuring out what we should react to is how we actually get back our control.

We are bombarded by so much noise, Facebook, texts, alerts on our phones, incoming tweets and most of these take away from our best intentions. Control is fleeting, we get glimpses of it throughout the day, grabbing those moments is what separates the successful people from the utterly disappointed.
Recording a plan and staying faithful to it is one of the best ways I’ve found to stay connected with myself and with my fundamental intentions.

These are my 5 steps to maintain sanity and keep my goals in the forefront of my own ever-distracted mind:
1. Have learning objectives.
2. Take time each week or each day to reflect on what you need to do to take you to the next level.
3. Take time to journal what you do right. What can you improve? And, what are the actionable steps that you can take to get there?
4. What resources are you missing to get it done? Is it money, time, or expertise?
5. How can you fill this gap?

It’s interesting that I can’t easily access a smartphone or respond to my texts without help. In a way, this gives me more time to think about my own playbook. What mistakes I’m making and what I need to resolve in order to move forward.

To keep hold of that big idea and turn it into something amazing takes discipline, and throughout the journey, it can be very lonely. Reconnecting with yourself and your plans can be great therapy.


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