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As I get older, I value patience more and more. Ironically, people have always remarked about my patience. They pointed to the fact that I am always willing to repeat my words, and everything takes more time, more energy, and more focus.  While this is true, I never saw myself as a patient person. I was always in a hurry.  When I am alone, I drive fast in my wheelchair.  My brain is always going at 100 miles per hour. I love the big city.

This year, one of the habits that I value more is patience. The value that I get out of patience is that time makes a situation less reliant on emotions and more reliant on logic. In order to take direct action, you need to be more considerate. 

I was working on a marketing project and I was disappointed by the results. My first instinct was to try something different right away. I had a lot of emotions and excitement invested in the project. When it didn’t go well, I was disappointed and emotional. Instead of jumping in and changing directions right away, I decided to be patient and analyze the situation. That patience allowed me to assess the solution that I needed. It also gave me time to be proactive instead of reactive. If I had quickly jumped in and changed direction, I would have been reactive. Instead, I did some deep analysis and assessed the situation.  This process not only gave me clarity, it uncovered some other issues that I needed to address.

Part of amazing success is not falling for the shiny new object. Amazing success takes time. It takes thought. It takes understanding of the next steps. If you are always in a hurry for the next big thing, then you may miss the true opportunities.



Valuing and having patience is important when looking at your goals. Amazing success doesn’t come from rushed and unfinished solutions. You truly achieve your dreams when you take the time to nourish and analyze your situation to get amazing results.


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