Picking Battles

blog Jul 13, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was at my parents’ house and my friends Jay and Dickie dropped by. We were talking about my trip to the Philippines and my dad brought up the fact that I couldn’t use the restroom on the 15-hour flight. A few days later, I had breakfast with them again and they were still talking about how I couldn’t use the restroom on the flight. To me, that’s part of my life. And, yes, it’s annoying. I really don’t dwell on that, that much. I dwell on other things. In fact, I dwell on the fact that I can’t use an iPad on the plane or use the computer more than the fact that I can’t use the restroom. After all, it’s a long, boring flight. Yes, it’s hard not going to

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the bathroom, but in my mind, I have to pick my battles because if I don’t, I will go crazy. I would dwell on this one minute and that one minute, and my life would be filled with anger and frustration. I wish I could dwell on things less and let go. There are things I think I dwell on too much. Like the fact that I can never have a Mercedes Benz. Yes, I’m a little vain. I wish I could take my laptop into bed or I wish I could text from wherever I am. There are some things that I dwell on in the moment and then let go. Like the whole bathroom thing in the airplane. It sucks when I’m there, but when I’m home or even better when I land in the Philippines and see that face, I don’t care.


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