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Uncategorized May 06, 2022

When I started writing I assumed that I needed to be honest by sharing every single thought and every single emotion.  But, now I realize that I can be nuanced with my words and convey my message without airing out all my feelings.

With the abundance of communication tools and ways to instantly publish, it’s easy to express every single emotion, every single time.  When we are cut off on the freeway or encounter a rude person, it’s easy to text our loved ones or even post it on social media.

Before smartphones, we had a cooling off period where we could honestly put everything into perspective, and most of the time after assessing our initial emotions we realize that the situation or offense was not that bad.

But now some people want to air out all their prostrations and all their dirty laundry in front of others to see.  This can be unhealthy because what you put out in the world matters.  You attract what you put out in the world.  There are many frustrating aspects of my disability.  I’m very careful what messages I put out in the world, what messages I share with my closest relationships, and what messages that I hold close to the vest.  There are certain aspects of my life that only one person knows and certain thoughts that I have not shared with anybody.  

Although I’m very open, I want to put out a positive message into the world because I want to improve the lives of others and I don’t want to attract negativity in my life.  I have one simple rule.  Any time I want to put anything out there, I ask myself, “would my mom be okay with the content?”  If the answer is no, I don’t put it out.  Period.

I respect the standard that I have when I communicate with my mom.  The standard is to complain less and use appropriate language.

Other people are constantly making decisions about how they want to interact with you.  This included whether they are going to give you a professional project, a promotion, whether they are going to partner with you, whether they are going to give you a second date or even whether they are going to get tickets to a concert.  These decisions often don’t happen when you are in the room. The kind of energy you put out determines the opportunities that you might get.

Free speech has been in the spotlight over the last couple of news cycles.  Free speech does not entitle you to just say what you want at any moment.  Free speech is free from government consequences.  It does not absolve you of any scrutiny or consequences.

We attract the energy we put out in the world.  When you put out negative energy, criticism, or complaining, people treat you accordingly.  But when you put out positive energy people want to work with you and collaborate with you.  Be careful what you put out in the world.




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