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Post Pandemic Perspective

While there’s still a lot of work to do, it looks like we will all emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic stronger than we went in. Everyone seems excited to get back to normal.

Unfortunately, the restrictions tied people down for long periods and created plenty of pent-up energy – and not all of it good. The media is showing video of unruly sports fans. Some folks on airplanes are also acting like fools by assaulting flight attendants (how can you get mad at the person handing out soda and snacks?). Airlines are now toying with the idea of banning alcohol service on flights until the restless post-pandemic energy dissipates.

For me, these reactions stem from a lack of perspective. Instead of looking at what was taken from us by Covid-19, we should look for what we will get back once it passes.

Our collective ways of life were attacked. We were all scared and dealt with a lot of uncertainty. But instead of looking at the pandemic as a tragedy, think about what was avoided during the turmoil. We made many mistakes, sure, but the situation could be a lot worse. For instance:

  • We avoided an economic crash;
  • The government’s levers saved millions of businesses and even more jobs; and
  • Advances in technology allowed many parents to easily homeschool their kids while they were working from home.

I always look for positives in my life since I cannot perform many activities due to my disability. Yet, when I create wonderful experiences like writing books, visiting friends or watching my kids play, I choose to see these positives to remind myself of life’s deep beauty.

So, as we return to normal life, we must adjust our perspective to recall the freedoms we temporarily lost during the pandemic, but which are now returned to us.

Covid-19 taught us what’s really important in this ever-changing life. As we emerge again, don’t slip back into the old routine of going with the flow – be proactive. Think about creating something. Set up a better safety net so you aren’t caught out in the next crisis. And most of all, enjoy more of life’s amazing experiences and remember to appreciate amazing.

When something important is returned, you can either respond with resentment and entitlement or handle it with grace and gratitude. It’s all about perspective.

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