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We all have obligations on the home front. These priorities can be tending to our family, spending time with our friends, family, and loved ones. It can even be spending time on our hobbies or taking a vacation. These priorities are meant to enhance our lives and our professional life serves as a way to support our personal goals.

In order to meet our personal goals, we have to be clear on who we want to spend time with and how we want to support them. My immediate family includes my wife, Leslie, and my two beautiful boys, Andrew and Tyler. When I am with them, they are my priority. My time with them includes helping them become who they need to be in order to succeed. I also have long dinners with friends and often go out of town on trips with my friends. One of my core values having personal amazing experiences. I’m constantly making that clear to myself.

Our personal lives include taking on priorities and activities that are just for us. Priorities may include what we do for our families such as taking care of our children, connecting with parents, or any family members that rely on us for support. Activities that we do for ourselves may include hanging out with friends, checking social media, partaking in hobbies. For some, it may be going to the salon or getting a massage. For me, it’s going out to dinner once or twice a week, watching a sporting event, or taking a couple of trips with my friends. These two may overlap.

Fun is often overlooked when planning out an amazing life. People are focused on accomplishing goals and creating amazing for their family. That fun gets often pushed to the side.

Like everything, your personal life needs to evolve and expand over time. Your interests will change when you grow yourself. When you change, others in your personal life may not; thus, if you rely on them for support, then you may stunt your growth. It is important to constantly reevaluate where you want to go. In my 20s and early-30s, I always needed to go out on the weekends. However, I’m now finding that I enjoy watching my kids play and ordering in. I always loved traveling. My absolute favorite place in the world is Waikiki beach.

Oftentimes, people don’t design their personal lives. They don’t ask themselves what friends they want to have or who they want to spend time with. They assume that they have to keep the same friends or spend time with their extended family out of obligation.

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