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Reclaim Your Time, Focus, and Life

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It’s almost summer.  The days are longer and warmer.  The mood is more relaxed.   College students may be home from school.  Teens are sleeping in later and staying up longer.  Younger students are freer to explore hobbies and other interests.  Families and friends are getting together for reunions.  People are packing their cars for road trips.  Summer is meant for exploration and relaxation.  It’s time to be free.  


The freedom of extended summer days and warm nights makes this time ripe for self-examination and recalibration.  Life at this pace leaves time for re-examining your goals.  There is time to truly consider what you want, why you want it, and your approach to life. 


Recently, I have been thinking about the concept of stepping off the hamster wheel of life.  I have been thinking about how we can pinpoint what we want out of life and the process it takes to make this materialize.  With its freedom and slower pace, summer is a prime opportunity to quiet the noisy distractions and stop living a life that is just a series of tending to obligations.


It’s time to dust off those discarded yet desired goals.  Perhaps you want to open a new business. Maybe you want to take on a reading habit. Perhaps you want to get in shape.  Summer provides a fantastic opportunity to stop dreaming about these goals and start working towards them.


We only have a finite amount of focus, and the more you focus on distractions, the less time and energy you have to focus on your goals. So it’s time to take back your focus and concentrate on your goals.


Take this opportunity and this time to reclaim your focus.

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