blog Jun 07, 2012

I just got back from Hawaii and the Philippines on Tuesday night. I am exhausted but energized, if that makes any sense.

Before I left for Hawaii, I woke up sad because I had to leave my fiancée Leslie for about three months. I assumed that I would not see her until September, when she was expecting to go for her fiancée visa interview. There is a statute that says for a fiancée visa, the applicant needs to have a valid passport for at least six months. Leslie received hers in mid-February.

We called the embassy to find out if we could get the statute waived. To my surprise, the woman said yes. So Leslie has an interview on the 20th of June, and shortly after that, she can come. I cannot tell you how much I like being with her. She’s kind, she’s sweet, and she makes me a more relaxed, well-rounded person. Isn’t that what love is about?

We didn’t do much in the Philippines. We went shopping at the local mall, went to see her big family two hours away, and that’s about it. It was not boring; it was just simple.

I love adventure, but there’s definitely a dichotomy to my personality that says the best parts of life are just sitting around with the ones that you love.

My best friend Pat was the most gracious he has ever been. Scratch that. He is always gracious. He let Leslie and me be a couple. When I needed him, he was always there. When I needed to be alone, he knew.

Then I was off to Hawaii. One of my favorite places in the whole world is Waikiki Beach. Pat and I met up with my friend Arash and his father. We sat out on the balcony, went to nice restaurants, and just hung out.

Every time I went to the elevator to my room, I had to pass by the ballroom where conventions are held. There is always part of me that likes to reflect on my next move and the ballroom reminded me of how much I can’t wait to speak. I did not dwell on it, but it was there.

I would love to report on the great adventures that I had, but it was just all in all…relaxing.


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