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Romanticizing The Past

One way to prepare for the future and plan out next steps is by looking to the past to see what worked, what went wrong, and what can be learned in order to achieve amazing success. When we look at the past, we, oftentimes, romanticize it. Somehow, we forget all the bumps in the road and don’t remember all the challenges that we faced.

The Los Angeles Lakers are embarking on the Lebron James era, which is exciting. However, it will take some time to build a contending team. Many people who are Lakers fans, like myself, romanticize the Kobe Bryant era. They want Lebron to swoop in and fix everything right away. Some Lakers fans romanticize the five championships, the game winning shots, and other great moments. But, there is another side. There were many unglamorous moments that some Lakers fans have conveniently forgotten.

Achieving amazing success is challenging. What worked for you in the past may not work for you moving forward. Just like how Lebron and the Lakers have to figure their own way to achieve success, you may have to find new ways to achieve your amazing success. The fact is that technology, the economy, and the ways to achieve amazing success have changed. If you don’t embrace the changes and figure out how to exploit the new ways of achieving success, then you limit yourself and your potential.

I have often romanticized achieving success without a disability. Oh, how nice it would be to hustle. How amazing it would be to speak without a speech impediment. This list can go on and on. I’m sure some of you have a list of your own. Maybe it’s working without any insecurities. Maybe it’s someone in your past who held you back. It would be amazing not to have to deal with those issues. Likewise, it would be amazing not to work with the many challenges that I face.

The fact is, these notions are holding you back. In the same way, the notion of the Kobe era is preventing some Lakers fans from embracing and enjoying what can be an amazing run.

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