Serving Everybody

blog Apr 17, 2018

It’s a question that is asked often and by many. It is the search to discover the purpose of our lives. We ask, “why am I here? What is my purpose?”

We search for the answer. And we search and we search. But the answer is around us daily. We see the answer in each other’s faces. We hear it in each other’s voices. We see it in each other’s eyes.

The answer is that our purpose is to serve those around us. Our purpose is to in some way improve the lives of other people. The better you can serve or help people the more valuable you are. The more valuable you are, the greater the impact you can have.

Your value is tied to your ability and your willingness to help other people. This can be helping people fulfill a need. It can be helping people fulfill a desire. Perhaps it is helping people through challenges. It could even be helping people experience life through entertainment, religion, spirituality, or fun. Or, perhaps you are providing a sense of community or belonging. For every area that is listed above there is a person who needs help.

That’s right, people need your help in all of these areas. And, for you to become amazing you need to seek out people who you can help in at least one of these areas. When you do this, you are not only helping some else, you are also increasing your value.

Whether you are a spouse, a parent, an employee, an entrepreneur, or any other person who breathes oxygen it’s up to you to help people become amazing. It is up to you to invest in others as they pursue their own amazing. As you do this, you will find, more people are willing to help you as you strive to reach your amazing.

In a perfect scenario a relationship would be reciprocal. This is true for a business relationship, a romantic relationship, or any other kind of relationship. Every party should feel that they are getting something that they need. There should be a mutual benefit.

Let’s look at a philanthropist. Even though a philanthropist might not get a monetary return their true return is knowing that he or she gave back to society. They know that they have helped others and that they have been a benefit to the greater community. This relationship is one that works for the good of both parties. And, helps each party as they try to be amazing.

Then there is the mentor. The mentor is one of the most valuable assets to anyone who seeks to grow in their career.   A mentor can introduce a mentee to new ideas, concepts, and even new people.   In return the mentor may want nothing more than the fulfillment of knowing that they have in some way helped another person. A mentor might only want the mentee to just run with the advice or just a simple thank you. This person does not seek anything for themselves. They simply want to help.

And, so, we too, need to model ourselves after the philanthropist or the mentor. We need to look for opportunities to serve. We need to seek out moments where we can be of use to another person.   When we serve we grow together in creating an amazing life rather than wishing that life was amazing.

Instead of only looking at our challenges, obstacles, or limitations, we need to look towards creating amazing relationships that can help others become even more amazing. After all, the world does not need any more selfish, self-serving people. So, let’s just do the world a favor – let’s first seek to serve others.


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