Split Commitment

blog Jan 30, 2018

Ahh… it’s that time of year again. It’s time for our annual family trip to the sand, the waves, the sun. We are off for our yearly vacation. Everytime we go, we are all completely excited. The children can’t wait to dig in the sand, frolic in the waves, and avoid bedtime. The adults, well, they can’t wait to watch the children dig in the sand, frolic in the waves, and of course, they can’t wait to take a nap.

 As much as I look forward to this trip, I also approach it with a slight sense of trepidation. I fear having to balance the demands of my business and the joys of being with my family. I mean, really, I am extremely committed to my business. I want to and I have to work. But then again, I am just as committed to, maybe even more so, to my family.

Commitment is a huge part of amazing success. Your goals and your dreams need consistent energy, time, money, and other resources. One of the issues with commitment is that sometimes your time and energy need to be allocated to something different than the normal.

My business requires a constant commitment. For 2018, I committed to producing three FaceBook Live videos a week, blogging, and consistently posting on social media. However, this week, I committed to taking to a family trip with my parents, my wife, Leslie, and of course, my boys, Andrew and Tyler. My only commitment is to do whatever they want to do. I’m taking my laptop in case I need to get with my team or I get inspired to read. Those activities are secondary to watching my kids play, getting into the pool, or sneaking off with my wife for dinner. My commitment is to be present for them and to have fun.

However, I believe that my business needs commitment also. I was thinking of doing a FaceBook Live from the beach, but that would interrupt what everyone in my family wanted to do. I decided to record my Facebook videos and post them at the time that I would usually do my live. It’s not perfect. However, it satisfies both commitments. I am still putting up valuable content while also being present with my family and watching the two cutest boys run around and be happy.

Life is never perfect and there are times when we need to adjust our schedules in order to take a break. I suspect that I will take some time to take a ride in my chair by myself and think about what I am going to do to make my next set of amazing goals come true. There will be lots of fun, good food, good drinks, and good times.

As you move towards amazing you are going to be faced with people pulling you into different directions. However, part of amazing success is being able to navigate your obligations, your commitments, and yes, even your down time.


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