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Success Requires Sacrifice

There is nothing quite like having to perform tasks that just don’t excite you.  I’m sure you have a list of tasks that just thinking about makes your heart sink.  I know I do.


For almost two years, I have been relentlessly working on a project.  If I do everything as planned, it could change my life trajectory.  The project involves writing a book, turning it into an online class, and selling it.


Unfortunately, getting to the point of changing my life’s trajectory first involves executing tasks that mentally and emotionally exhaust me.  I find these parts of the process tedious.


In the past, I focused more on parts of the process that I found enjoyable and less on the aspects that I found tedious.  But, let me tell you.  A change has come over me.  For the last few weeks, I have been in the thick of the process, which I enjoy less.  I have kept powering through, and I have worked with more discipline and more focus.  These tasks have taken me away from writing, creating, and what I love to do.  Ultimately, executing tedious, unexciting tasks will be beneficial.


Being on a text chain for three hours, researching, and filling out online forms does not make me happy.  I don’t cheer, “Yay, forms.”  Writing long, meticulously detailed emails does not inspire me to do a toe touch.  Yet, here I am, performing these tasks and getting it done.


I look forward to moving away from the administrative tasks that have invaded my work life.


As things slow down, I‘m getting back to writing and creating.  It feels good to come back to what excites me.  


Sometimes we just have to do what needs to be done.  Our feelings about the work are secondary to accomplishing the goal. Think about it like this. Few parents are excited to discipline their little darlings.  But, the parents have to teach their children so they will grow to benefit society.  Restauranteurs don’t want to deal with plumbers.  However, to have a restaurant that passes a health inspection, it may be necessary to deal with a plumber.  Entrepreneurs don’t want to deal with tax boards or accountants. Yet, the idea of dealing with the IRS may propel one to deal with tax issues. 


So often, we think we have to feel a deep passion for every aspect of our success journey.  Believing that you will be deeply passionate about every task you perform is unrealistic.  Success is often a battle.  It’s a war of endurance.  Although enjoying your journey is essential, know that you will have to swim through the rough tides while still having gratitude and smelling the roses.  


Life rarely hums smoothly.  To deal with these times, just put your head down and do what you must.  Understand that being uncomfortable or taking action that you may not like is a sacrifice. 


Sacrifices are necessary.


Sacrifice is a payment for a dream.

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