Take Control of Your Life in 2021

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020

Every year, many people set New Year’s resolutions, and, despite the pandemic, this year should not be any different. This year, our lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus. Unfortunately, we have a way to go before life returns to normal.

 Instead of being a victim, I would like you to take control of your life and put yourself in a better position. This means no more jokes about what day it is or no more jokes about not taking a shower. It was cute for about two weeks, but not now.

 As we enter the holidays, it’s tempting to miss life, but I want you to shift your focus to the future. Take December to plan out your future life. Take the time that you would spend traveling, going to Christmas parties, or shopping in the mall to really become productive.

  1. Clarify your goals. The first step in achieving your goals is clarifying them. The clearer your goals are, the more direction that you have. Saying that you want more money or that you will get fit does not give you enough direction. What is the dollar amount that you want to make? Do you need to start your own company, upgrade your skills, get another degree or just simply find a new job? Do you want to lose a couple of pounds or do you want to get jacked?
  2. Focus on your process. After you determine what you want to do, determine the steps that you need to accomplish. Often, the challenge is not the goal itself; it’s the logistics. Examples of logistics are finding the time, explaining to the people who you love why you need “me” time, or just finding a quiet place to work.
  3. Get tools in order. A big part of logistics is the tools needed in order to accomplish your goals. These tools need to be easy to access. For example, you don’t want your running shoes on the top shelf of your closet. Ideally, you want them right by the door.
  4. An important part of any goal is the people in your life and how they encourage you. It is a lot more challenging to accomplish your goals if you don’t have people around you that can encourage you. Unfortunately, everybody has their own agenda and your goals might not fit that agenda. If you need to take “me” time, to accomplish your goals, whether that be time to work out, time to write a business plan, or time to write a book- and your family members don’t support that time then the you will face unnecessary challenges. For more professional goals, identify and engage with the people who can help you achieve them. This could be a mentor, a mastermind, or even a coach.
  5. Follow the leader. Every goal has multiple experts, whether that is a workout guru, a business expert, a personal development leader, whatever your goal is, there are people to teach you about how to accomplish your goals. It could be a YouTube video, books, podcasts and coaching programs. Follow them. Engage with them. If need be, hire them.

 During the next few weeks, take control of your life by following these five simple steps.




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