Taking A Break

focus success Jul 31, 2019

The right focus is crucial for amazing success. However, it’s important to have breaks.  In our culture, the 80-hour work week or total commitment is celebrated. The problem with total commitment is that it turns into an unhealthy obsession. In order for amazing success to happen, you need time to focus on something else or you need time to let your actions take effect.

As a writer, many of my ideas for blog posts, online classes, books, and other products don’t come to me when I’m in the office. They come to me when I am playing with my kids, taking a ride in my wheelchair, on vacation, or even watching tv. I also get ideas while reading other’s work about my topic.

Noah St. John writes about goal free zones, which is the idea that ideas don’t come to you while you are working on them. They come to you in the oddest of places. They come to you in the shower. They come to you while you are working out. They come to you when you are having drinks with your friends. Even though you are not thinking about your goals, your brain is working on your goals.

In the book, Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, the authors present the concept of intense work followed by long periods of rest.

Although focus is crucial for amazing success, it’s important to let the mind and the body rest. A similar concept is used in working out. It is not advised to lift weights for one hour straight. Even during the work out, long periods of rest need to be taken in order to let body recover.

 Next time you are faced with a big challenge or a dilemma, focus on a solution and also focus on some time away from the problem or challenge to let the mind run on autopilot.



Amazing success doesn’t come with nonstop work and no breaks. It is important to let your mind breathe and to give yourself time to rest.


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