Taking On Bigger Challenges

challenges Sep 13, 2019

Becoming amazing involves taking on challenges and as important as taking new emotional challenges. If you don’t have a positive emotional diet, you limit your chances of amazing success.

I have learned how to motivate and inspire myself. When I get down, I quickly consume more positivity, look at the blessings in my life, consume inspiring materials, and focus on my loved ones.

Since part of amazing success is taking on new challenges, you don’t want to waste your time and energy on issues that will not get you on the track to amazing.  Oftentimes, people focus on politics, the economy, and other issues rather than focusing on what it takes for them to become amazing. They might even get caught up in other’s drama.

We all have a tolerance for emotional discomfort. The goal is to divert this energy in to becoming amazing instead of focusing on the rude cashier or the rude waiter or the argument that you had with a family member.

There have been periods in my life when I have been obsessed with everything that I could not do. I would daydream for hours on end about the life that I did not have.  I imagined my life as a person without a disability. These daydreams were comforting at some level. However, they did not get me anywhere and were not productive.

There have been other times when I did not dwell on everything and the things I couldn’t do. Right now, I choose to focus my energy on becoming amazing rather than on daydreaming. 

One reason that a healthy amount of positive diet is necessary is that when you engage in a positive diet, you’re less likely to be bothered or consumed by things that are not going to get you to amazing.



When on the road to amazing success, it is incredibly important to have a positive emotional diet. It is easy to focus on the negative or challenges you face, but it is important to deal with those in favor of reaching your goals.



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