Technological Woes

blog Dec 09, 2010

I love technology. In fact, I could be called a geek. (And I have been quite a number of times!) I got a cell phone in 1997 before most people. In marketing, I would be considered an “early adopter” (look mom and dad that USC degree paid off!). Lately, I have been having some technical difficulties. I’ve noticed that all the new cell phones have either touch screens or tiny little keyboards like the iPhone or the Blackberry. I have a hard time dialing a cell phone with big old numbers as it is. About a month ago, I dropped my cell phone on the floor and when I went to pick it up, I ran over it with my 300 pound chair (not including my weight). I saw that the screen was all funky. (And when I say funky, I mean screwed up!) I put up with my problem for another month when I ran over it again. Now…let me explain. I’ve had a cell phone since ‘97, and never once ran over it. Sure, I dropped it a few times, but never ran over it. On a side note, I have not had the same cell phone since ‘97. (I just noticed that it could be construed that way, but I decided it would be more fun to explain it rather than edit what I wrote. Goofy, I know, I guarantee you, I’m not on Red Bull.) I looked online at all the Sprint phones and could not find any that I could use, so I decided to swap my business cell phone with my broken down phone. I went to the Sprint store to make the exchange and to my delight I saw a Nextel phone made for construction workers that I could use. For those of you who are not geeks, Sprint bought Nextel, but they are on different networks. The sales person explained that Nextel is on a weaker network but that’s fine because I knew that Nextel works at my house and that’s where I make the majority of my phone calls. Just out of curiosity, why do they make a phone for construction workers but they can’t make a phone for the handicapped? Problem solved, right? Well, kind of. In the last few years, everyone is trying to communicate via text and in fact there are many people that use their cell phone for everything except calling oh, the irony! If I barely dial a phone, how am I supposed to text? (Here’s a good example–a few months ago I was hanging out at a restaurant and asked this beautiful girl for her phone number and she was with her girlfriends. I got her phone number and wanted to text her to have  a good night.) I found a few applications online that I can text from but I fear that I can never have a computer in my pocket that I can count on like other people. So, I will never tweet out of frustration that I am sitting in traffic, because I can’t. Speaking of computers, I wanted to get a new computer. I decided to get a Mac because I wanted to be the cool kid again. I wanted to revert to 1997. I bought a Mac, which made my manager Kristi really happy because she’s  a Mac kind of girl. I got the Mac and there were fewer shortcuts than the PC and everything was taking twice as long for me, so  with great sadness and a tear in my eye, I returned the Mac. (Not to mention I was scared of what Kristi would say!) I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop and guess what? My keyboard does not work with a 64-bit operating system. I could not believe it, but luckily they are coming out with a patch by the end of the month (they hope). There is one other issue. Lately I have been seeing commercials for the integration of TV and the Internet. My first thought was what took them so long? The second was how am I going to use this technology because all these Internet TVs come with regular sized keyboards, which I can’t use. I have definitely had some technical difficulties but I still love where technology is going and can’t wait to see what’s next even though I probably won’t be able to use it. By the way, I still have my brand new Sony laptop just sitting here wondering why I don’t give it any love. The happy ending: Since I cannot put a DVD in a DVD player, I have decided to buy myself a 400 disc Blu Ray/DVD/CD player. Does that mean I’m cool again?

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