Thanksgiving 2014

blog Nov 26, 2014

This year was one of the best years of my life: I moved to a slightly bigger house. I found out that my wife Leslie and I are having our second child. I watched my other son Andrew take his first steps. I published another book. I even snuck in a couple of trips with the guys. I have so much to be thankful for. Here is a brief list. (I have been doing this ever since I blogged for the USC football team back when Pete Carroll was the coach.)

  1. Watching my son sleep, take his first steps, and a hundred other things that only my wife and I care about.
  2. My amazing parents, who always take the time to make sure I’m OK.
  3. My amazing friends, especially Patrick Saylor, who I’ve known since second grade.
  4. Chris Stevenson, who is my speaking partner; we did some amazing work this year.
  5. Smile TV, who I’m talking with to produce a documentary about me and invited me to speak to four hundred people at Contagious Optimism LIVE, where I got to share the stage with two of my mentors, who I have studied for years.
  6. Apple products.
  7. USC, who brought me back three times in two months to inspire people.
  8. My brand new nephew Ezra, who I can’t wait to watch run around with my boys.
  9. Larry Winget and Joe Calloway, who have pushed me to be a better entrepreneur.
  10. To be able to not take myself too seriously.
  11. Finally, Kristi Walter, who is typing this for me and for calling me a butthead when nobody else would.


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