The Art of Learning

blog Apr 09, 2018

In order to become amazing, you must always learn. The more amazing a person is, the more they admit that there is much more to learn. If you don’t believe me just ask a fifteen-year-old how much they need to learn. They will tell you that they know everything. On the other hand, if you ask someone with a few more years under their belt, they will tell you that life is one big learning opportunity.

Learning can be divided into two parts. The first part is the process of learning. This involves the taking in of knowledge. It is the acquisition and absorption of information. It does not however, involve the internalization of this information. That occurs during the next phase of learning.

This, the second part of learning, is when one experiences internalizing the information. This is witnessed as one begins to implement what has been learned. Unfortunately, it is often the case that this part of learning just does not materialize. It may be due to laziness, fear, or some other limitation. Whatever the reason, implementation just doesn’t happen.

Another issue is that when we are learning and not implementing there are very few challenges in the way. There is some kind of comfort in just learning, but not implementing. Here’s an interesting statistic for you. Under 3% of participants who choose to learn by attending conferences actually even use any of the information that is presented during the conference. They hear the possibilities and the information, but they don’t want to put in the WORK.

Here are several tips to avoid being a victim of learning, but not implementing.

1. Have learning objectives that move you forward. There are infinite amounts of information and if you don’t focus your attention then you will be drawn in different directions. There needs to be a systematic approach to learning.
2. Your learning needs to be focused around your goals. Everybody should have a vision of where they want to be. This could be career, personal, or spiritual. The learning process will be more focused if you are clear on your goals.
3. Not right now. There are strategies that are not appropriate for right now, and when you think you need to know everything right now you get overwhelmed. It’s okay to say that’s nice, but not right now.
4. You don’t need to know everything. In your business, it is not necessary to know every little thing. There are activities in my business where I have people to help me out. I don’t know about graphic design, contact management, or ad strategy. I leverage a team and lean on their expertise.
5. Relearn. Take time to review information that was previously learned. I have several books that read every year. It reminds me of what I need to focus on and connect me to my purpose. I also interpret their material through a new lens. Lastly, it gives me new motivation and inspiration.
6. Curiosity. You should learn something that you are curious about. I am curious about business, personal development, marketing. I enjoy learning. I have this certain curiosity about life and success.
7. Teach. It has been said that true mastery can be only achieved if you can teach about a subject. This is true because teaching forces you to put into words what you have learned without skipping any steps.

The goal for learning is to better yourself, to sharpen your tools so that you can get to your amazing life. Possessing the information alone is not enough. You must be able to implement what you have learned. So often people get motivated by what they learn, but that motivation does not lead to implementation. Learning coupled with implementation should help you become more amazing.


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