The Great Reset

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2020

The Great Reset


Our lives have slowed down because of the coronavirus. We have the opportunity to reset the way we go about our lives, the way we deal with others, develop new habits, be kinder towards others, and decide how we want to live the rest of our lives. One excuse for not going after our goals is lack of time. That excuse has been dampened by these times. Simultaneously, there is much panic and angst during this pandemic.

The way you act in these times can position yourself in the future. Your actions today will determine your success tomorrow. As James Clear writes about, your life is a lagging indicator of your habits. If you want to improve your life in the future, you have to start living as someone who is already successful.

Other people are watching you right now. They watch how you handle situations. They watch how calm you are. They watch how you complain. If you want to do business, hang out with them, or even date, you must start by showing them that you can handle tough times. Amazing people are constantly looking for people who can help improve their lives. Let that be you.

Adversity is a great indicator of a person’s character. How you deal with these times will position yourself for the future. You attract the people that emulate your behavior. Complainers attract complainers, and problem solvers attract problem solvers. The vibe that you put there is reciprocated.

 One way that you can accomplish this is to focus your attention on growing yourself. Instead of focusing all of your attention on how devastating this situation is, and it is devastating, focus your attention on putting yourself in a position to improve your life. We should not ignore the amazing situations and the amazing challenges, but, rather, give most of our attention to improving our lives.

Right now, it is a great opportunity to start the book that you want to write, cook that meal that you never had time for, have family night, work on your business, develop a new habit, or any other positive attribute to your life. It’s also a good opportunity to collaborate and change the dynamic between you and others. Lastly, it’s a good opportunity to really look at your processes and improve them.

This time can be the great reset for the way we live life. Unfortunately, it’s easier to go the other way. It’s easier to develop negative habits, retreat from others, and retreat from our lives. 

Your amazing life starts today.


Summary: During this time, it is important to take the opportunity to grow yourself and your goals. Now, more than ever, you’re faced with the most amount of time to focus on you and your amazing success.

This time can be the great reset for the way we live life.





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