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Last week I debated whether I would rather be disabled for life or be disabled in an accident,or something like that.

I just read a book by Matt Long called The Long Run. Matt was a firefighter in New York and he had a terrible bike accident that left him disabled. He ultimately regained most of his body control and ran a marathon.

What struck me was the way he discussed everything he missed–including how he was perceived by women, how he missed going out for steak and beer, and most of all how he missed running.

He really missed running.

He described running as his lifeline. All he wanted to do was run a marathon.

It got me thinking a little bit more about what I wrote last week. When Matt talked about running, there was a hunger there that, in a weird way, I don’t understand. I mean, I have fantasies about not being disabled, but the memories he had of running were different than my fantasies of not being disabled. Needless to say, it is different and I’m a little bit more confused about life’s big questions.

Would I rather be handicapped my whole life or be hurt in an accident? I don’t know.

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