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The Most Important Relationship


This month couples all over celebrate Valentine’s Day. In order to have positive relationships, you must keep developing the most important relationship in your life. That is the relationship you have with yourself. 

Life is about knowing what you want, why you want it, navigating challenges, growing yourself, and other factors. If you don’t have a positive and healthy relationship with yourself, you limit yourself on how far you can go in life. Furthermore, the narrative in your life can either propel you or hold you back.

 Another factor that can influence our relationship with our self is how much blame we put on ourselves versus the outside world. If someone has a weak locus of control, they assume that whatever happens is not their fault. However, if someone has a strong locus of control, they take personal responsibility and look within to either solve problems or excel.

 Next, it’s about hanging out with yourself. In order to have a healthy relationship with yourself, you must be willing to hang out with yourself and really think about what you’re doing in your life. These days, many people don’t hang out with themselves and really want to feel every moment with senseless noise. One of the advantages that my disability provides is a slower pace. Since most activities take me more energy and more time, my life can slow down to a crawl. Hanging out with yourself can be as simple as going outside and feeling the breeze in your face. It can be journaling. It can be watching your children sleep. These are all ways you can connect with yourself. The problem is that these days there is always something to do. Whether that be browsing the internet or streaming a show, there is always something to do.

 Last, you must be honest with yourself. We all have made mistakes. Some people have put others before themselves. Some people are not honest with their dreams. Some people did not get the help that they need. Some people are not authentic with themselves. In order to live out their authentic life, be honest with yourself.

If you don’t develop the relationship with yourself, then you can hurt the relationships with other people or limit your potential.



In order to have a successful relationships, you first have to develop a relationship with yourself. It is important to put yourself first before letting in others.

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