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The New Fad Diet: Being Informed!

When you are working on your goals or you set new goals, one of the activities that you need to perform is a constant diet of information that will help you on your path.  There are several reasons why you need this diet of information.


Here are some reasons:

  1. Know your next steps. When you are accomplishing your goals, it’s important to have clarity on the next steps and have the actions that you take effect your goal. One of the problems is that when people don’t have a clear vision of the steps that they need to take and when they fall short, they blame other factors or take the idea of “it was meant to be” or “it is what it is.” Also, what works at one level may not work in another level. For example, an exercise routine may work to lose the first ten pounds, but it may not work for the next ten pounds. An entrepreneur may grow a business to a certain point. However, to scale that business to the next level may take different habits, different routines, a different mindset, and different people. At some point or another, we have all been guilty of this. I know I have. There are times when I assumed that my actions were going to lead to where I want to go.
  2. Reminders are very important in success. As a parent, my job is to remind my kids to brush their teeth, go to bed early, wash their hands, and anything else that they need as kids. When we are working on our goals there’s emotional ebb and flow. Sometimes the goals are exciting. Sometimes the goals are boring. Sometimes the goals are frustrating. Sometimes, we do everything right and it’s still feels like we are taking one step forward and two steps back. No matter how we are feeling, we have to motivate and inspire ourselves to move forward. When you have a diet of positive information, it counterbalances the less than ideal information.
  3. New ideas. Everything is changing faster and faster. New ideas, new technologies, and new methodologies are being developed almost every day. I received my degree in business and marketing in 2001. Most of the technologies that I used had not even been conceived of when I graduated college.
  4. Human beings are influenced by what they consume and who they interact with. Nobody is a 100 percent independent thinker. We act and think differently around different people. I talk differently and act differently around certain friends. I act and talk differently when I am at a conference. I act and talk differently when I am watching sports at a bar. I act and talk differently when I am with my kids. In order to become amazing, you have to be influenced by amazing people. This can be going to a conference, reading books, taking online classes, or hiring a coach. In all these cases, you are exposing yourself to a positive diet of information that can help you get on to the path to amazing. 

The point of healthy diet of information is to be clear about the next steps, have reminders, get new ideas, and be influenced by others who can help you get on the path to amazing.



On the road to amazing success, it is incredibly important to make sure you take in information that will benefit you and move you forward. A healthy diet of information can lead to new ideas and allow you to gain clarity on how to go about your goals.

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