The Pursuit of Truth

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2021

I take pride in what I write and publish. I absolutely love the process of writing since it is a part of my life over which I have control. Due to my disability, I will always need help doing basic tasks, including eating and showering. While I still need help getting my words onto a page, I’m always writing in my head.

The internet is a hugely valuable tool for someone in my position. It lets me publish whatever I want, whenever I want. But the internet has its downsides. After all, if anyone can publish at any time, it is now easier than ever for sneaky people to bend the truth to fit a certain narrative.

That’s not how I approach writing. I try to respect the truth and only add my strong opinions when I’m sure of the facts. To learn what’s true, I am constantly reading books or articles and watching online explanatory videos about personal development.  Although I have unique insights, when I write something that builds on other people’s work, I make sure to quote or cite their work.

To always be seeking truth is not simply a way to write well, it’s more than that. Seeking truth should be a way of life. Unfortunately, looking deeper for the truth is not a reflexive action for many of us. It’s much easier to attribute a person’s success to their raw talent or connections and dismiss the hard work and years of sacrifice. But looking deeper would reveal that success is the result of many blended factors, not just the most visible.

We often approach obstacles in the same way. It is easy to blame one tiny factor, cross your arms and refuse to find ways to deal with the challenge. I know how this feels. Sometimes I catch myself fantasizing if only my body was fully functioning, I would be unstoppable. But I also know that, while my disability certainly complicates my life, it has revealed great inner strengths and given a unique perspective on success that I can now share with others.

Whether you are building a company, learning a new skill or taking your life to the next level, it’s important to be honest about your reality and what might be available to a person in your position. Because not everything will be available, despite what the advertisements promise.

Being dishonest about your life may inject a short-term boost of energy. However, in the long run dishonesty will only limit your life’s potential. Time to get real.


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