The World’s Sacrifice

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020

My second book is called Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices. The premise is, if you want to achieve any kind of goals or big dream, it takes consistent small sacrifices. Also, I define sacrifice as a payment for a dream. The bigger the dream, the more effort or sacrifice that you have to put into your dream. 

Right now, the world has one of the biggest dreams possible. That dream is to get through the COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, pandemic. In order to accomplish that dream, we all have to make the sacrifices necessary in order to return to life before this pandemic hit.

Leaders need to lead, and everybody has to do their part. The bigger the dream, the more sacrifices it needs. We must sacrifice today’s inconvenience in order to live life as we did before.  Leaders need to define exactly what needs to be done and we all must follow suit. A leader can be defined as a parent setting family rules or civic leaders setting public policy.

One challenge that we face is that no one actually knows what needs to be done. We are all making educated guesses about what needs to happen. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t buy into the crisis. On the other hand, we have people who are freaking out. Although every reaction is different, the more we can come to a consensus, the quicker we can accomplish our big dreams.

Already, the sacrifice that we have accepted are almost heroic.  We sacrifice our sports, going out, vacations, and, as a society, pockets have shut down some commerce. Some cities have shut down restaurants from dining in and the majority of athletic events has been canceled.  Travel plans have been postponed or canceled (I just canceled three trips and I love my sports).

In addition, we have to consider our own daily habits for a while.  Examples of washing our hands, coughing into a sleeve, limiting social contact, and practicing our new favorite phrase, social distancing.  All of these are examples of micro-commitments that we all have to be sensitive to.

In these times, motivations have shifted. However, this does not mean that you have to abandon your own big dream. It just means that you may have to adjust to focus on getting through this unique situation.

Again, the world has this amazing dream.



During a time of crisis, it is important to consider what the world needs in order to return back to the life we know.


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