Two Powerful Ideas

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2022

I want to give you two quick and powerful ideas.


Idea #1

I absolutely love creating content, writing, and developing frameworks.  However, I haven’t been writing very much.  I’ve been working on business development, marketing, and sales. 


Oftentimes, what we need to do is not what we want to do.  Put your focus on what you need to do today to get your life on the right trajectory.


Idea #2

In the book, The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday tells a story about Charles Schwab who often took interviewees to a restaurant for breakfast. Unbeknownst to the interviewee, Schwab would have the manager intentionally mess up the order.  The point of this exercise was to determine how the potential new hire would react to adversity.


Success is not about how you react to good times.  It’s about how you act in not so good times.  Every single challenge or every single tiff should not derail your day or derail your goals.  Learn how to deal with adversity in positive ways.


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