blog Mar 03, 2011

Most days when Kristi comes in, we talk about my next steps as a writer, a speaker, and business owner. She is a writer herself and has a marketing background. When we got back into the thick of things early in January, I said that I wanted to be more methodical. I shared with her an idea I was playing with in the back of my mind and immediately she said, You’re writing it.

At the time, I did not know if it would be a book or an article, or just a blog post. But as it turns out, I started writing the second version of my autobiography and this Monday I finished it. I am emotionally exhausted and over the last 10 years I have really grown as a writer. This version is very mature compared to my earlier one, which was just anecdotal; this version is more reflective. I reflect on my disability, love, life, and how I see the world.

It’s also very raw and that’s why I’m exhausted. I am also very invigorated because I saw how far I’ve come in my 33 years. I am reminded of what I can do and what I have done. It was a cathartic experience.

The challenge:

I would like all of you reading this blog to take 15 minutes this weekend to really think about what you have done over the last few years and what you would like to do over the next five years. Look at both your successes and your setbacks to see where you can improve. Reflection is the optimum forum to see where you went right and where you went wrong. Take some time to become reinvigorated!

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