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blog Jul 07, 2011

To say the least, this has been the most interesting year of my life because of my parents’ windfall.

I am adjusting to life in my new house and it’s feeling like home. Everything is custom built for me. I’ve had a few barbeques. My best friend since second grade is living with me and he always makes me feel like a kid. I have been wrestling with my work choices and have decided to take it easy before I get back into the grind. The way that I look at my body of work is that I consider the creative process fun and I consider the marketing and the business end of things the real meat. As someone who loves marketing and has a degree in it, I will say that I often feel that I need to always keep going, going, going. I need to continue on the journey with one hundred percent effort. I am coming to the conclusion that I need to do that in my own time and I am coming to terms with that decision. There are certain times when I question it.

Ever since I was in my early twenties there have been periods of time when I’ve had to struggle. I was always scared that I would be an old man with nothing to live for, but as became comfortable in my new normal life, I decided that I just needed room to breathe and I am not ready to get into the grind of things just yet. I will be. But not yet. If I feel like staying out late with my friends, I just email my manager to work from home the next day, and trust me, she likes when I stay out late.

My definition of taking it easy is writing almost every day. I try not to miss a blog post. I wrote a new book. I tweet at least three new thoughts a week. I took off to Vegas to watch the first two games of the NBA finals. There are some good things happening in my personal life or love life (hey, a boy has to have some secrets). If you want to know more then I guess you have to buy me a drink.

Over the last year, I think I have become more methodical. I used to make decisions in a day or two, but now it takes me a lot longer. I’m okay with that. Back then, I was trying to hurry up and make it so I could live the life that I wanted. I’m so happy to report I am.

I have questioned my motivations. If it’s not money, then what? And I love creating something unique. I love entertaining and I love helping people. It’s not about money anymore. Well, maybe a little. By the way, I’m happy.

Timelapse - Lighthouse (Oct 2012) from IMK Digital Multimedia on Vimeo.


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