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Who Encourages You? Part 1

Convention says that we need to always need to be motivated and inspired. Although this is true, and I believe that we need to find a way to find motivation and inspiration, we also need to be encouraged by others to take the right action. We all take cues from the people who we spend the most time with. Encouragement is not always positive. For example, we may have friends who encourage us to stay out late, drink that extra glass of wine, or purchase fashions that are slightly over our budget.

According to Noah St. John, every successful person has an abundance of encouragement. In addition, Jim Rhone said that we are the average of the five people we hang out with the most. In order to become amazing, we have to seek encouragement. We also have to seek the encouragement of people who can actually help us reach our goals.

Encouragement is more than a cheerleader. Encouragement is emotional support and advice on the next steps. If you look at any addiction recovery program, it’s partly based on the notion of members supporting each other not to engage in the wrong behavior and, instead, engage in the right behavior.

Encouragement can be subtle. For example, working in an environment where everybody supports and encourages others is different than a dog-eat-dog environment. One reason that goals often fall short is because we rely on the same set of friends and colleagues for encouragement. These people may not know how to support and encourage you.

Another issue is that, when you set goals and are trying to accomplish them, you develop a mindset with an accompanying methodology. This mindset and this methodology are meant to make you more efficient, give you direction, help you deal with challenges, etc.  You want people in your life who buy in to your way of accomplishing your goals.

In the past, I have worked with people who did not buy in to my mindset and my methodology. As a result, we were at an impasse and did not get very far. As I get older and more experienced, I need people who will buy in and encourage me. We also have our own tendencies and strengths. Focusing on these tendencies or strengths may not be enough. We also need people to encourage us to focus on the other part of our goals. For example, I am good at writing and producing content.  Although I understand and am competent at other aspects of my business, I need team members who encourage me to focus on the other parts.

In times of struggle, we need encouragement to deal with it in the right way.  I learned this from my amazing parents, who always acted as if my disability was no big deal, even if it was. I was always encouraged to look at my challenges in this way. A big part of success is your reaction to your challenges. Are you encouraged to deal with your challenges in a positive way or are you encouraged to look at a paper cut as if were a major gash requiring an amputation?

Encouragement is a necessary part of success. Every successful person has a team that they rely on for advice, thinking through the next steps, emotional support, and yes, cheerleading.



Encouragement is a necessary part of success. It is important to find the people who will guide you along the way with positive thinking and sound advice.


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