Why It's Important to Keep Growing

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2022

As we settle into our lives and achieve a modicum of success, it’s easy to stop growing and make big assumptions about what it takes to succeed or, at the very least, to maintain our lifestyle.  We base these assumptions on how we feel life should be, not how it really is. 


Sometimes this “settling” can cause one to stop.  It may be that there is no longer a push to keep growing and expanding themselves or maybe it’s just that one ceases to keep learning.  Whatever the stop looks like it will most likely result in: not growing yourself, not listening to any new information, or just proclaiming that they figured out everything.


This is a recipe to become rigid and narrow in one’s thinking.


One part of the success journey is to never stop growing, always assume that there’s something new and exciting to learn, and know that you can always improve your life. 


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