Why Your Reputation is Key to Being Successful

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2022

You are always building or reinforcing your reputation.  Decisions are being made about you by your bosses, your friends, your family, and your coworkers.  As sports talk show host, Colin Cowherd says most decisions made about you are made when you are not in the room.  One of the keys to success is having a strong reputation.  That means that you might need to be there for other people.

Being there for other people means setting aside your needs in order to serve someone else.  For example,  if someone needs you to be a rock, be a rock.  If someone needs someone to have fun with, be that person.  If someone needs you to help them through a challenging time, be helpful.  If someone needs you to bail them out of a Mexican jail, make sure they can count on you.  The point is simple— being ready and able to serve others can help you build a strong personal reputation.

Your reputation is important.  The way others think of you can help you reach amazing success.  


Don’t forget to nurture your reputation.


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