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You are unique.

This is a statement that has been repeated many times in many ways.  But really there is truth in it. So, again, I say, “you are unique.”

Now, let that thought sink in.  I mean really think about this. Let the statement settle in.  Let its power fill you. Let the weight of these words touch you to your core.

Think about it.

You are unique.

There is no one else like you.  There is no one else who possesses your particular set of talents, strengths, and gifts.  There is no one else who can contribute to the world in the same manner as you. You and only you can impact the others in your special way.

You are unique.

Recognize your uniqueness.  Celebrate your uniqueness. Use your uniqueness to propel you to your goals.

The idea of being unique is one that resonates with me.  You see, my entire life’s circumstance serves as a reminder of my uniqueness.  I live in a body that is obviously different for those around me. My movements are distinct. My speech is peculiar.  And, while these differences could easily deter me from contributing to society, they have actually become a tool that enables me inspire others and ultimately reach my goals.

My motivation for writing this post is simple.  My desire is that as you read my words you will understand that within each of us there is a less obvious set of intangible qualities that when bound together create a special being who has a special set of offerings for the world.  Here are the traits that allow me to give to others as I strive to reach my dreams.

  1.     Joie de vivre.  I love exploring and experiencing all that life has to offer.  That’s the way that I was raised. I have this certain curiosity about life.  I always wanted to travel, accomplish amazing success. I also, was curious about the small things in life.  I also had a fascination with learning and what makes people successful.
  2.  Personal responsibility. My own personal mantra is my disability is not my fault, but it is my responsibility.  I had nothing to do with my disability. It was not because of my decisions. It was just a mistake of my birth that lead to my cerebral palsy.  There were times when I blamed every problem in my life including a cold day on my disability, but I recognize that I needed to take responsibility for my circumstance.
  3.  Ability to inspire.  After all, I literally wrote the book about dreams.  I believe that inspiration and motivation come from within.  Yes, you can be inspired by the outside world; yet, it is up to you to interpret the information and let it inspire and proceed to amazing success.  Very few people dream bigger than I do.
  4.    Willingness to work. Work is challenging.  Work is hard. No matter your circumstances if you are willing to work hard then you will reach amazing success.
  5.    Stubbornness. I have this stubbornness about me that tells me that the best thing is around the corner and if it is not then well it must be around the next corner.

This is my short list of qualities that have aided me on my quest to reach my amazing success.  You too, have a set of unique blessings that are critical to your success. Use these gifts, strengths, and talents to move you to the amazing life that you want.  As you do remember that, “you are unique.”

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