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You Can Balance Your Expectations With Reality

Although dreams and goals are an integral part of success, they must be rooted in reality.  It’s okay to aim for the stars.  However, there is the possibility of reality limiting life.  An entrepreneur has to be aware of the viability of a product, and an athlete might be limited by their physical ceilings.


As a lifelong dreamer and a disabled person, I often must balance my dreams and reality.  Sometimes this is frustrating because I see people every day who don’t have to deal with the challenges I have to face.  Physical challenges do not hinder them in the same way I am hindered.


I think this opens up doors that I could not imagine opening.  If I weren’t disabled, I may have been out there hustling or getting on the phone and may have missed the beauty of life.


My disability forces me to sit down and communicate the lessons I have learned from watching the world from a wheelchair.


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