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You Can Bridge Differences

One thing that I feel that we must never forget is that we are all in this together.  We share this planet, and in some cases, we share a country.  We have to stand together.  We have to work together.  

The only question is… how?

Here are some ideas.

Focus less on the differences between you and other people.  We all have a human experience; some people struggle more than others.  Give people grace.  Try to understand them.  Understand that no matter how many challenges you have in your life, other people have challenges too. 

Find common ground.  Find the humanity in others.  Give people more grace than you believe they deserve.  Let some, but not all, behaviors go.  Rise above pettiness.  Understand that people are not always out to get you.

Just be better.

Do better.

Live better.


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