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Your Dreams Depend on This

Most of the time, regrets don’t come from trying and failing.  Regrets come from not trying at all or not being aggressive.  Part of success is being uncomfortable and doing what others won’t.  It’s also about pushing people and getting out of your comfort zone.


You are not serving yourself by playing a small game.  Your dreams and your goals should scare you into action.  If they don’t, your dreams are too small.




It’s okay to apply for a job that you may not be qualified for. 

It’s okay to ask out somebody who is “way out of your league” (in a non-stalker-ish way).

It’s okay to have a gooky business idea that nobody understands.


The key is this.  If you go after these and somehow it works, be willing to do the work necessary to take advantage of the opportunity.  If you land that job, make sure you do everything to catch up and thrive.  If you do go out with that special someone, make sure you show them a good time and, at the very least, shower before the date.  If that business idea is viable, make sure to do anything to make it work.


Being aggressive does not mean that you have the right to be entitled or rude.  It means that you are willing to have the right habits, the right mindset.  It means you know how to engage people, are clear about what needs to get done, and are clear about the steps that you need to take. It means you show up ready to  WORK.


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