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Your Expectations Determine Your Destiny

We all have a worldview or a narrative. This narrative whispers to or even nags your conscious or subconscious about everything you need to become successful. This narrative can whisper to you about how to deal with challenges, and how fair (or unfair) life is. It can also tell you what opportunities are out there and if these opportunities are just for other people — you know, the people who don’t have similar obligations or the challenges to you.


Here is the good news.


Your narrative can be rewritten. I am proof that a personal narrative can change. In my life, I continue to upgrade the stories that I tell myself. There were periods of life when I thought my disability would be the ultimate barrier between me and all my hopes, dreams, and endeavors. It felt like the biggest challenge in the world. It felt like my 300 lb wheelchair was an anchor that would let me go far in life.


Here’s the thing.


I wanted and expected a lot out of life. (That hasn’t changed).


By rewriting the way I looked at my disability and my challenges, I discovered that I could find a way to achieve success. My wheelchair is not an anchor. It’s a vehicle to take me to restaurants, on trips, and (when I was younger and before I had kids)… clubbing.


Before you can change your life, you have to change your approach to life. Your life is not going to change just because you want it to. You have to change your view of your possibilities so you can move beyond your perceived circumstances. 




This all starts with the stories that you tell yourself.




Stop telling yourself that you don’t have enough connections… go out and make connections.


Stop telling yourself that you don’t know enough… go out and learn something.


Stop telling yourself that you can’t go after your goals… set goals and execute the process.


Stop looking at your challenges as an anchor… challenges can be the greatest lessons that teach us about life.


We all have dreams and challenges. The way we look at these can influence what we can or cannot do. Start upgrading yourself and start upgrading your narrative.


I want to hear from you. Send me a reply. Just hit reply and start typing. Tell me about your dreams, goals, or maybe tell me about a challenge that you need to rewrite.


To your success,

Sourena and the Team


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