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Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

At some point or another, we have all had big dreams and aspirations. However, our narrative, mindset, circumstances, ego, or the people around us from prevented us pursuing those dreams.  If you want to build an amazing life, you need to have a mindset that involves always being aspirational. Even after you achieve your dreams, you need to replace the old dreams with new ones.

Oftentimes, our circumstances prevent us from being aspirational. We see our challenges as factors that get in the way of our dreams. I have struggled with this fact my entire life. There were times when my disability felt like a nuisance. There were other times when my disability felt like an anchor. I have to deal with random movements, needing help with the basics in life, and a severe speech impediment. I also have to deal with the psychological ramifications of my disability. 

The reason I never stopped going after my goals is the fact that I’m always aspirational. I always had a very romantic view of what life could be and I was naïve to actually think that I could make it happen. I want teach you how to be aspirational.

Explore Possibilities

Many people have a narrow narrative about the possibilities of life. Although I don’t believe everything is possible, I believe the possibilities are endless. At any level of your career, or your life, you should learn from the success or failures of other people. Understand that your mindset or your narrative has limitations. The problem is that we want people to affirm our victimhood instead of recognizing that some of your narrative is holding you back. As sports’ talk radio host Colin Cowherd says, “seek information not affirmation.” He also says, “don’t be right; get it right.”  Other people have perspectives that you don’t have. There are tactics and strategies that others have spent countless hours on and tens of millions are trying to figure it out. All you have to do is tap into the mindset and seek fresh perspectives.

Leave your ego at the door. Ego can be one of your imitations. Although I never love being wrong, sometimes I look at being wrong as an opportunity to try something new. If I’m not happy with the results, I almost hope that I can find something wrong because that means I have more possibilities to try something new and make my life more amazing. Ego can be the downfall of some people and a killer of big dreams.

Deal with Obstacles

Accept that challenges are just part of any aspirational journey. Challenges don’t stop people.  Not dealing with challenges stops people. Being aspirational means creating ways of dealing with what gets in your way.

Be Around Aspirational People

In life, we take cues from the others we interact with. We take cues from people in our work environment. We take cues from the people in our personal circles. Let’s face it. Our moods change with the tides of life. One way to be aspirational and keep motivated is to be around people who are aspirational. We need to be encouraged by people who are aspirational rather than people who squash our dreams.

Be Willing to do What Others Won’t

Lastly, being aspirational is doing what others are not willing to do. It’s having superior habits.  It’s willing to ask for help. It’s willing to put in the time. It’s willing to give up certain luxuries at times such as sleeping in, going out, taking personal responsibility, and other activities.

In order to live out your dreams, you must be willing to be aspirational.  This means exploring new possibilities, not letting your ego get in the way, dealing with challenges, and being willing to do what others won’t. 




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