From the Valley to Paradise

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2022

I just had two amazing adventures.  First, I spent the week in Hawaii with my extended family.  Then I went to the Dodger game where I witnessed Tyler Anderson take a no-hitter into the ninth inning. 

In order for me to take part in these experiences I have to first travel through the San Fernando Valley. If I want to get to the beaches of Hawaii, I have to go through the Valley.  I can go another route, or technically, I guess I can take a private plane.  If I want to get to Dodger Stadium, the most direct route takes me through the Valley.  To get to some of the best times of my life, I first to go through the Valley.

This year, I have been thinking a lot about how most successful journeys are filled with unbelievable challenges that you will not even think about.  Plus, my disability presents even a couple of more layers of challenges.  For example, when I’m at home everything is sent up for my needs.  When I travel, I need even more assistance.  It’s more challenging to use the restroom, get in the bed, change the channel on the remote (you know the importance things in life).

However, the memories and the experiences of paradise are worth going through the valley.  If you look at any journey of success, it’s filled with unbelievable valleys. Reaching paradise or success means you must be willing to go through the valley.




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