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One way we grow as human beings is by relating to each other and learning the lessons that others have learned along the way. Unfortunately, some people want others to relate to them instead of relating to those that are successful.

 It would have been easy for me to want other people to relate to me as a disabled person.  I always looked at it this way. If I want to become successful, I have to relate to others, not the other way around. Other than appreciating life and the lessons that my disability taught me, there is little to be gained by people relating to my disability.

 Those that are struggling want successful people to relate to their struggles in order to help them. Although this is a necessary process, such as psychologists relating to a patient or a financial advisor relating to financial challenges, or even a motivational speaker relating to their audience, you need to relate to other successful people. You want people in your life who can understand where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go.

 If you want to become successful, here’s how you relate to people. It’s your job to find people who can help you out of struggle and onto a path to success. Most of the time, people want others to relate to them only to validate their victimhood and their pain. This can be very comforting at times, but it’s only mental candy. They want to validate that the world is against them, that nothing is their fault, they are the only ones with challenges, or the deep state is out to get them.

 I always viewed my life and my journey in two categories. The first is the challenges that my disability presents. The second is the success journey that I am on. Although these are heavily entangled, I learned how to simplify and separate the two as much as possible. Where I got into trouble in the past is that I thought they were one in the same, and without reconciling my disability, I could not achieve success. I had to separate the two because, no matter what happened, I could not fully reconcile my disability.

 With regards to my disability, I only needed people to relate to my struggles only to help me out. I did not expect them to understand every emotion and every heartbreak. I wanted to put that energy into growing and becoming successful.

 With regards to achieving my goals, it was my job to learn and educate myself. This meant going to conferences, reading books, watching hundreds of videos, having hundreds of conversations, being on the phone, being on Zoom, and soaking it all in. If I want to become successful, I need to relate to people who spent years and decades learning or teaching the knowledge base that I needed. Part of the problem is that we have all this information available. We often think that we are experts when we are not.


How to Relate to Each Other for Amazing Success

One of the core principles of success is relating to each other, and if you want to achieve greater levels of success, you must master this art. The first piece is to relate to the people who you want to serve. It is important to relate to their hopes, aspirations, challenges, heartbreaks, and anything that can lead to a life that they want. This is why tapping into your own life and your own experiences is so valuable when achieving success. My disability gave me an opportunity to learn how to develop an amazing mindset, deal with challenges, and it slowed down my life.  This gave me an opportunity to write and teach about mindset.

 The second way is relating to the people who have achieved exactly what you want to do. Instead of looking at these people as some kind of anomaly, look at what got them there, look at their habits, study their mindset, study their habits, don’t just look at what they have. This is the reason it’s so important to read books, network, mastermind with other successful people, and relate to them on a deeper level. Be influenced by their knowledge, their setbacks, and their journey.

 Becoming successful and achieving goals takes learning from other successful people and serving others. Every job on this planet takes serving someone else. In order to do this more effectively, you must relate to other human beings. The better you can relate to others, the more success you will have.








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