Two-Year Anniversary!

blog Jul 19, 2012

Two years ago, I was wondering where my life would lead me. And now, I’m engaged. I am writing a lot more. I was hoping that everything would work out…I’m happy to report, it has.

It has been an interesting two years since I first put up the blog.

When I decided to finally start this blog, I was scared of, well, everything. There was a part of me that said I was coming to the end of my career. I had almost run out of money. My love life was non-existent, and look at me now.

Yes, my family got lucky. Really, really lucky. What I have learned from luck is that if you don’t embrace it, it will just go away. Luck in this case, dumb pure luck , came all the way…and our goal as a family is to make that luck last for generations to come.

I used to sit in my chair and wonder if I would ever get married. If I would ever have kids. And now it’s around the corner. When I mean around the corner, I mean I am going to get married in September or October. And Leslie wants to have kids right away. I am planning my bachelor party in Vegas and to be honest, I’m a little bit scared.

This blog has helped me get my ideas out into the world. It has created tweets, and made me a better writer. It challenges me to think about life and to come up with something interesting to share every week. I hope you guys get the same thing out of it as I do.

Happy two year anniversary to the blog and to my new lease on life!


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