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Understanding the Feeling Stress

One challenge that we all face is being stressed or overwhelmed. If you want to live out an amazing life, there is going to be some stress, some overwhelming factors, and some growing pains. These feelings are just some sacrifices that you have to endure on your path to an amazing life.

Many people experience stress and overwhelming factors and let their feelings be roadblocks on the path to amazing success. There is reality and your reaction to reality.  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed can happen because of circumstances that  are genuinely giving you those feelings. For example, if you were brought up in a chaotic family or your parents were not emotionally stable people, that adds a certain kind of stress. There’s no doubt that these kinds of stressors influence the way you go about your life or your mindset. There are many stressors that I have to deal with because of my cerebral palsy. I have to deal with the stress of relying on people, having to deal with a speech impediment, dealing the psychological ramifications, and many other stressors. These stressors always have the potential to stop me in my tracks, but I worked diligently to not be overwhelmed or stressed. To be honest, there were times when I did a good job dealing with it and there were periods when I didn’t.

For the most part, we choose the stressors we bring into our lives. If you buy a car with payments that were just out of your budget, or rented an apartment that was just out of your budget, and you stress out about money, then your choices lead to your feelings. If you enter into a toxic relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, you chose to enter it or stay in that toxic relationship. If you chose a career that you dislike, then the stress that is associated with that is your choice. Part of the life that you have now, good or bad, is a result of your choices. 

If you are frantic in the morning, you do not need to hit the snooze button five times.  If you needed to hit the snooze button five times, it was your choice to  go out the previous night.

Going back through life’s circumstances, if you grow up in an unhealthy environment, it’s up to you to deal with those ramifications. This may be finding a support group, engaging a psychologist, having your routine that will allow you to deal with mindset in a powerful way or just cutting off negative people in your life.


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is often commonplace on the road to amazing success. Figuring out how to manage those feelings and channeling positive responses from those feelings is a key component to achieving your goals.

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