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habits Mar 05, 2021

The quality of your life is in proportion to the quality of your behaviors, actions, habits, routines, and processes.  In order to have a better life, it is important to have better behaviors, actions, habits, routines, and processes.  These inputs determine life’s standards, and the results become the quality of your life.

 No matter how motivated or inspired you are, you are not going to feel like performing the right actions all the time.  Sometimes this is due to a simple lack of energy.  There are so many factors that dictate your level of energy or motivation.  There are so many everyday attacks on your well being.  These attacks impact your get up and go.  Then there is the fact that your energy levels that ebb and flow throughout the day depending on how much rest you get, what you eat, whether you get bad news throughout the day, whether you have to deal with an emergency, or whether you have to deal with other people and their...

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Shifting Behavior

habits Aug 28, 2020


 One of the building blocks and engines of your life is the way you behave. Behaviors lead to actions, repetitive actions are your habits, and habits translate into the way that you live your life. If you want to improve your life, you have to shift your behavior.

 A common mistake that most people have is that they want their life to improve without shifting their behavior. They blame the system, socioeconomic issues, or the fact that there are not enough opportunities. There might be great truths in these assumptions. However, your goals should not be to constantly find evidence of these truths. The goal is to shift your behavior to live out your goals and dreams.

 I have been there. My disability makes part of life impossible. It makes some activities ten times more challenging. I have to deal with my physical disabilities, the psychological ramifications, and any other challenge that are part of the human condition. I have learned that I need to be focused...

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The Art of Showing Up

habits Feb 17, 2020

Woody Allen said that 80 percent of life is just showing up. This is my interpretation of what that means. After all, I will be crazy to speculate about what goes on in that man’s head. Showing up for your life and for other people is crucial for amazing success. 

What does showing up mean?  How do you show up?

There are four key components of showing up. The first is being present in the moment.  The second is making the best or the most of most situations. The third is serving others or yourself. The fourth is making being amazing a habit.

Being Present in the Moment

Being present in the moment means focusing on the tasks and not getting distracted by other areas of your life. When you are at work, it is not time to make dinner plans or make a massage appointment. When you are at home and having dinner with your family, it is not time to check social media or share memes with your friends. Everything important in your life needs its own dedicated time and...

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Summer is a time when most people take some time off and take some sort of vacation. It’s also a time when many people have to adjust their schedules for the family. The bottom line is that routine and habits may loosen. 

 As we approach the fall, we have about three months before the holidays. Let’s make those three months as productive as possible. Here are a couple of strategies to help you make the most out of the rest of this year:


Strategy #1

Set goals for the rest of the year

Goal setting is not just for the first of the year. You want to reevaluate your goals and set intermediate goals that support your ultimate goals. Ninety-day goals are a valuable tool to get you on the path to amazing. Also, set different kinds of goals.  These can be professional, relationship, personal development, fitness, financial, and more.


Strategy #2

Make sure habits and routines are efficient

During the summer, my two boys were home. We slept in more, and...

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Understanding the Feeling Stress

One challenge that we all face is being stressed or overwhelmed. If you want to live out an amazing life, there is going to be some stress, some overwhelming factors, and some growing pains. These feelings are just some sacrifices that you have to endure on your path to an amazing life.

Many people experience stress and overwhelming factors and let their feelings be roadblocks on the path to amazing success. There is reality and your reaction to reality.  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed can happen because of circumstances that  are genuinely giving you those feelings. For example, if you were brought up in a chaotic family or your parents were not emotionally stable people, that adds a certain kind of stress. There’s no doubt that these kinds of stressors influence the way you go about your life or your mindset. There are many stressors that I have to deal with because of my cerebral palsy. I have to deal with the stress of relying on people, having to deal with a...

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