Focus And Challenges

A critical part of amazing success is dealing with challenges or limitations without being totally consumed by them. Challenges should not be ignored and require the right amount of focus and attention. It is imperative to focus on dealing with your challenges, but not letting them consume you.

When I was 20, my disability started to consume me. Before I turned 20, my disability never seemed to get in the way. When I was growing up, all my peers needed help from their parents. They needed rides. They did not wander too far from home. After high school, people my age were moving out of their houses, going on trips without their parents, and going off to college. Shortly after my 20th birthday, my disability and my challenges consumed me. I would think about everything that my body would not allow me to do.I wondered what it be like to go off to college and everything my disability robbed me of. To say that I was focused on my disability, and everything that it prevented me from...

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