Mindset Drives Actions and Actions Drive Success

narrative Jun 19, 2020

Oftentimes, there is a tenuous connection between mindset and success. When people want more out of life or want to get out of a jam, the last place they look is mindset. Mindset is almost a luxury. My job is to show you how mindset drives success. I believe that mindset touches everything important in your life. 

 The actions that you take on a daily or hourly basis are the building blocks to your life. They are also the input that fuels your life.  The better the input, the more success you will have. Actions lead to behavior which lead to habits then to processes then to living the life that you have.

 Mindset affects the actions that you take. Over the course of a day, you take dozens or even hundreds of actions. Some examples of these actions are what happens when you first open your eyes in the morning, whether you have a healthy breakfast or not, how you say good morning to your loved ones, whether you start off the day with meditation, exercise, or being...

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Do You Need A Mindset Intervention?

narrative Mar 06, 2020

One limitation that many people have when going after their goals is a mental block or a gap in their mindset. In order to reach success, your mindset has to change and evolve over time.  A realtor who sells entry level condos has to have a different mindset than a realtor who sells multi-million dollar mansions. As a person climbs the corporate ladder, there might be several iterations of mindset. When the person first starts out, they may focus learning the industry and figuring out what it takes to get recognized. As the person climbs, they may have to learn leadership and management skills. In addition, change is happening so quickly. The mindset to succeed is changing rapidly.

A common mistake that many people make is that people want to change their life without changing their mindset. Mindset is simply the way we go after our goals, deal with others, deal with challenges, and other factors. Every kind of change requires a change in approach. A big part of that approach...

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