Redefine Strength

clarity narrative Oct 02, 2020


 A big part of success is developing our strengths and mindset required for whatever we want to accomplish, whether that’s growing a company, getting ahead in our industry or even raising children. Part of our narrative is what strength really means.

 If I ask you to imagine a strong person, you might envision a tough, rugged, person.  Unfortunately, different goals take different strengths. Our narrative about what strength is can often get in the way of developing the true strengths that are needed in order to accomplish our goals.

 My disability forced me to redefine my definition of what it means to be strong. My mindset was strongly influenced by my parents who are two of the strongest people I know. Part of my father’s success was due to sheer hustle. When my dad was younger, we joked that my dad would never walk. Everything was a slow run.

 The way my parents achieved success was not an option for me. I had to create my own...

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It Is What It Is

clarity Sep 24, 2020

Oftentimes, it’s challenging to make sense of our lives and it feels that life often happens to us.  Nobody has total control over their life and circumstances. With that being said, part of our job is to take control of the aspects that we can and have faith that the rest will work itself out.

There is a popular saying that is often used to understand the randomness of life, but there is another way of looking at the statement that can be empowering.

 Are you ready?

 The statement is…

Wait for it…

 It is what it is

 Traditionally, people use this statement when life happens to them. Guess what? Life happens to everybody. If you’re human, life happens. You are going to have bad days. You are going to have unexpected expenses. You are going to have disagreements. You are going to have rude waiters. And so on. Guess what? So, does everybody else.

 Realize that there are two powerful parts of life. There is reality and there is...

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All You Need Is 5 Minutes

clarity Sep 11, 2020


We all have dreams and goals. We also have challenges that get in the way of our goals. Lastly, we all have obligations that take up our time and energy. There is very little left over for our dreams. It seems that we are pulled in different directions. However, I believe that big dreams take small sacrifices and we can start achieving our dreams and our goals five minutes at a time. 

Have you ever had an issue that annoyed you?  It could be as simple as a rattle in your car. It could be a buggy computer. It could be that something small is off.  More annoying than that is when a couple of weeks go by and it turns out that you fixed it within five minutes. I’m asking you to apply that to the rest of your life. I want you to start achieving your goals five minutes at a time. 

Of course, it’s going to take you more than five minutes to achieve your goals, but the goal of this concept is to get you out of your old mindset and get you into a new...

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Be Intentional

clarity Aug 28, 2020

Our lives can feel random sometimes.  We have goals and dreams.  However, we feel that life, obligations, challenges, and other outside factors get in the way of life.

 One way that we can take control of our destiny is to set intentions in our lives. With that being said, no matter how intentional you are, there are going to be situations that have the potential to get in the way.  If you are intentional about how you spend your money, the water heater will still break.  No matter how intentional you are on your diet, you will still crave ice cream or your coworkers will bring cake.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these random occurrences should cause you to give up.  Don’t be a victim.

 In order to be intentional you need to have control over your time, your energy, and your emotions. 

 Much of my life is dictated by the needs of my disability.  It often feels that I have to get permission from my...

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Do You Struggle with Motivation?

clarity Jul 10, 2020

In tough times, it’s often challenging to find motivation. These days, our way of life is being highjacked by the coronavirus and with political uncertainty. These problems seep into our lives like nothing before. A consequence is that many people have to change what they do professionally and how they go after their goals. When times are tough, motivation and inspiration fall by the wayside. However, motivation and inspiration need to be one of the tools that we use to get through these tough times and excel when things get back to normal.

 Throughout my life, I have struggled with motivation and inspiration. There were periods of my life where all I could see was every single challenge in front of me. Over the years, I learned that if I wanted to achieve success, be happy, and be motivated, I had to look beyond my challenges and create motivation.

 A mistake that I see many people make is the fact that they think that motivation and inspiration is something that...

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The Most Important Relationship

clarity relationships Feb 14, 2020

This month couples all over celebrate Valentine’s Day. In order to have positive relationships, you must keep developing the most important relationship in your life. That is the relationship you have with yourself. 

Life is about knowing what you want, why you want it, navigating challenges, growing yourself, and other factors. If you don’t have a positive and healthy relationship with yourself, you limit yourself on how far you can go in life. Furthermore, the narrative in your life can either propel you or hold you back.

 Another factor that can influence our relationship with our self is how much blame we put on ourselves versus the outside world. If someone has a weak locus of control, they assume that whatever happens is not their fault. However, if someone has a strong locus of control, they take personal responsibility and look within to either solve problems or excel.

 Next, it’s about hanging out with yourself. In order to have a healthy...

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What I have Learned By Not Having Complete Access To My Phone

clarity Feb 07, 2020

We all have a computer in our pockets. That computer is called a cell phone. The cell phone revolutionized communication.  If you use it in the right way, you can increase productivity and even make money.  It also allows people to be mobile and free.  On the flip side, it has become one of the most distracting elements in our lives.  According to 60 Minutes, app developers employ the same technology to keep us using our phones as slot machine manufacturers. They are incentivized to keep us on our phones.

I have a unique relationship with my phone. My physical challenges prevent me from interacting with my phone like others. Most things in my life are more challenging for me, and using the phone is amongst the laundry list of challenging activities in my life. Besides the effort it takes to use my phone, I’m very limited on the tasks I can perform. I can make phone calls. I can skim text and emails. I can also check sports’ scores. Beyond that, I...

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New Year's Check-in

clarity Jan 24, 2020

This is the last week of the month. It’s the fourth week of the decade. When we start the year, we are excited to accomplish our goals. Whether that is professional, personal, relationships, hobbies, fitness, or any other type of goals, we are excited. The first part of our goals is fueled by excitement. However, as we start working on our goals, that excitement ebbs and flows. We have to battle the War of Attrition.

The War of Attrition

As human beings, we always like something new. Our goals seem like shiny new toys.  However, most goals require constant and repetitive action. Some of these actions may get boring, frustrating, or just tedious. The first couple of times that you eat that salad you might feel emboldened, but, after the tenth, the twentieth, or even the hundredth time, you may resent eating healthy. Treating your goals as your job is very important.  You have to take your goals and your dreams very seriously.

Considering the Alternative


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Making Your Goals Real

clarity Jan 16, 2020

One powerful method to make your goals real is to actually write them down or document them. This will take your goals and make them more tangible. It also can give you a roadmap to look at and track progress. While writing down your goals, you will come up with more ideas, rather than just pulling ideas out of the air. If you work with other people, it will show them a roadmap and ways they can help you. It simply makes your goals more tangible.

Over the winter break, I wrote down all my goals and put them into a nice presentation.  As I was putting the plan into place, I thought of many more steps. It  allowed me to get excited about accomplishing them because I had a visual and tangible map that I could follow. It also gave my team more clarity on the next steps.

The document will also serve as a source of motivation and inspiration. Let’s face it.  When you start working on your goals, you will experience feelings of boredom, frustration, apathy, and other...

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20/20 Clarity For 2020

clarity Jan 02, 2020

20/20 Clarity For 2020

We have embarked on a new decade. We want to welcome the new decade with clarity and a way to reach amazing success. When many people start a new year, they set resolutions. These resolutions are a wish list of goals that they would like to have materialize. Without consistent actions, you will have a challenging time achieving what you want in life. One of the keys of mindset is getting clarity on what you want to do, why you want to do it, the challenges involved, the people you need to help you, the habits needed, and the next steps. No matter how big or how pedestrian your goals or dreams are, the clearer you are, and the better mindset you have, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

What do you want to do?

The question of what do you want to do is simple, yet, complex. We all have desires and wishes, but it takes clarity to turn the wishes into concrete goals. If you ask most people what they want out of life, you will hear answers such as...

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