Go Inspire Yourself!

inspiration motivation Jun 13, 2019

Two critical factors to amazing success are inspiration and motivation. The main difference between motivation and inspiration is that motivation has to do with the everyday motions of life. Being motivated to be present with your family, being motivated to put in effort at work, being motivated to do the right thing or partake in self-improvement are all examples of daily motivations. On the other hand, inspiration has to do with the big picture of life. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the people that you love? What kind of experiences do you want to have?

You can also be inspired by the negative. What if you kept ignoring your dreams?  What if you ignored the big idea or your big dream? One of the issues that inspires me is the thought that, at anytime, my disability can literally stop me in my tracks. The same goes with my fears or insecurities. The more I focus on my inspirations, the less those fears will come true. There were days where the only factor...

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Go Motivate Yourself

On your journey to amazing success, you are going to deal with challenges and part of dealing with challenges is facing discouraging moments. These moments can either stop you or empower you to pursue amazing success.

Throughout my journey, I had and continue to have many moments that are discouraging. Some of these moments are directly related to my disability, but most of these feelings are related to my desire to become amazing. I chose to be an author, a speaker, a father, a husband, and I chose all my ambitious crazy dreams.

If I am not careful, I can be daunted by negative emotions and feelings. With regard to my disability, I can be consumed by everything I cannot do. I can be consumed by my speech impediment, the fact that I need so much help, or the sheer effort that my disability requires. My disability makes most activities exponentially more challenging. In my pursuit of amazing success, I have to deal with marketing, sales, leading a team, and everything that it takes...

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Is This Missing From Your Life?

I have a deep love of life. I love the possibilities of life. I love the opportunities of life. I have many experiences, both professionally and personally. I have the opportunity to inspire people. My career has introduced me to many unique experiences, which I cherish. I had the opportunity to have lifelong friendships and have a great time with the people who I love being with. I get to collaborate with amazing thinkers. Finally, I love my family, from my parents to my wife to my favorite boys, Andrew and Tyler. I love being a father, a husband, a friend, a professional, and a partner in crime to many. Frankly, I love life.

There is a difference between loving life and loving every single aspect of life. In fact, part of having an amazing life is dealing with struggles in order to find the parts of life that you love. I deal with my physical disability, and the psychological ramifications that go along with it. I also deal with the every day challenges of creating an amazing...

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