Allow Yourself To Be Influenced

relationships Feb 28, 2020

One of the values that people may have is independence or free will. From the time people hit adolescence, many cannot wait to live life on their own terms. College promotes independent thought and free thinking. However, one of the keys to amazing success is to be willing to be influenced by the right people. Since we are part of the human ecosystem, we all are influenced by others. People are influenced by what fashions they wear. They are influenced by how to spend their free time. Some people are influenced by what sports to watch and what teams to follow. We are also influenced by behaviors and what food to eat.

We are also influenced by the people who we interact with the most. Part of living life is being accepted into a social, family, or professional environment. If you want to excel, you need to change the environment that you are in. The environment should have people who compliment or support your goals and you need to support and compliment others goals.

As much as we...

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The Most Important Relationship

clarity relationships Feb 14, 2020

This month couples all over celebrate Valentine’s Day. In order to have positive relationships, you must keep developing the most important relationship in your life. That is the relationship you have with yourself. 

Life is about knowing what you want, why you want it, navigating challenges, growing yourself, and other factors. If you don’t have a positive and healthy relationship with yourself, you limit yourself on how far you can go in life. Furthermore, the narrative in your life can either propel you or hold you back.

 Another factor that can influence our relationship with our self is how much blame we put on ourselves versus the outside world. If someone has a weak locus of control, they assume that whatever happens is not their fault. However, if someone has a strong locus of control, they take personal responsibility and look within to either solve problems or excel.

 Next, it’s about hanging out with yourself. In order to have a healthy...

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Let Amazing Inspire You

relationships Oct 31, 2019

A majority of our behavior is learned. We learn from the people that we interact with, the media, our friends and family, etc. By watching people, we learn how to think and act.  We learn behaviors and the level of success we can achieve. Our notion of success is dictated by what we see and what we hear. Nobody was born being a basketball star, football star, a writer, or anything else. We were all introduced to these professions.

 Most people base their mindset or their way of thinking on the people they have access to growing up such as their parents, extended family, teachers, and other members of their community. In order to become amazing, you must get outside of your circle of influence and let amazing people inspire you.

There is a sea of people who can inspire you. They can give you new ideas, new methodologies, and a roadmap to your own version of amazing success. When I grew up, I did not meet any speakers or any authors. I met my first speaker in my mid-20s....

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Who Encourages You? Part 2

relationships Oct 07, 2019

In our quest to become amazing and live out our goals, we need to be encouraged by the right people in the right way. We underestimate the influence that others have on us. One of the keys to amazing success is to be surrounded and influenced by people who can actually help us on our journey to our dreams and our goals.

Here is a list of people in your life and how to build relationships that can help you reach your goals:

Friends and family

We all have friends and family who we rely on for emotional support and advice.  These people can encourage our dreams or dismiss them. They can empower you or they can tell you that your dreams are ridiculous. They can even ridicule you in a passive aggressive way. One of the wrong assumptions that people make is that we think that people that are closest to us should encourage us in the right way. However, the reality is that the people that are closest to us base their encouragement on their own way of thinking or their own mindset....

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Who Encourages You? Part 1

relationships Oct 07, 2019

Convention says that we need to always need to be motivated and inspired. Although this is true, and I believe that we need to find a way to find motivation and inspiration, we also need to be encouraged by others to take the right action. We all take cues from the people who we spend the most time with. Encouragement is not always positive. For example, we may have friends who encourage us to stay out late, drink that extra glass of wine, or purchase fashions that are slightly over our budget.

According to Noah St. John, every successful person has an abundance of encouragement. In addition, Jim Rhone said that we are the average of the five people we hang out with the most. In order to become amazing, we have to seek encouragement. We also have to seek the encouragement of people who can actually help us reach our goals.

Encouragement is more than a cheerleader. Encouragement is emotional support and advice on the next steps. If you look at any addiction recovery program,...

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The Voices That You Hear

relationships Sep 27, 2019

We are all part of many conversations. We have conversations with our friends, our family, colleagues, acquaintances, and other interactions. These conversations have an influence on our mindset, the way we think about life, the way go we after our goals, and even how much success we can have. Being influenced by positive people can be empowering and can lead to amazing success.

 The problem is that, when we have new goals, we don’t engage in the conversations that are needed in order to achieve success.

When many people talk about life and moving forward, they do it with a complaining tone. They hint that life is not fair or that there are no opportunities. However, when you are around people who have achieved amazing success, they do it with a tone of empowerment and personal responsibility.

When I was 20, I decided to go to USC. When I decided to go, I wanted to meet people and have experiences. For me, this was a big risk and I thought this was a foolish rationale. I...

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