Love and Challenges

dreams love success May 31, 2019

Challenges are a part of life and they are especially part of an amazing life. Loving your life does not mean that you love dealing with challenges. It means a commitment to dealing with any and all challenges that come your way. Part of life is learning to deal with challenges in a better way and exploring how to succeed despite them.

When I want to take on something amazing, a big part of the process is understanding how my physical disability or mindset blocks are going to limit me. The goal is not to ignore these challenges or let them be roadblocks. The goal is to look at them creatively and navigate them on the path to amazing success.

I don’t love being disabled. I don’t love my speech impediment. My disability has provided me with a certain kind of unease, discomfort, insecurities and other emotions that can have the potential to kill my ambition, drive, and love of life.  To be honest, it has the potential to slow me down, and, in the past, it has.

I always...

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Is This Missing From Your Life?

I have a deep love of life. I love the possibilities of life. I love the opportunities of life. I have many experiences, both professionally and personally. I have the opportunity to inspire people. My career has introduced me to many unique experiences, which I cherish. I had the opportunity to have lifelong friendships and have a great time with the people who I love being with. I get to collaborate with amazing thinkers. Finally, I love my family, from my parents to my wife to my favorite boys, Andrew and Tyler. I love being a father, a husband, a friend, a professional, and a partner in crime to many. Frankly, I love life.

There is a difference between loving life and loving every single aspect of life. In fact, part of having an amazing life is dealing with struggles in order to find the parts of life that you love. I deal with my physical disability, and the psychological ramifications that go along with it. I also deal with the every day challenges of creating an amazing...

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Understanding the Feeling Stress

One challenge that we all face is being stressed or overwhelmed. If you want to live out an amazing life, there is going to be some stress, some overwhelming factors, and some growing pains. These feelings are just some sacrifices that you have to endure on your path to an amazing life.

Many people experience stress and overwhelming factors and let their feelings be roadblocks on the path to amazing success. There is reality and your reaction to reality.  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed can happen because of circumstances that  are genuinely giving you those feelings. For example, if you were brought up in a chaotic family or your parents were not emotionally stable people, that adds a certain kind of stress. There’s no doubt that these kinds of stressors influence the way you go about your life or your mindset. There are many stressors that I have to deal with because of my cerebral palsy. I have to deal with the stress of relying on people, having to deal with a...

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